Give me my sticklebrick, motherfucker.

There is something character forming about getting a split lip by a sibling over the unfair distribution of lego, about breaking some vinyl in half and trying to stab dear sibles with it, about getting a call at your friends house warning you not to go home because you’re folks are in bed having sex […]


2017 was not quite the year I had expected, in some ways it was better but for the most part it was all a bit meh – and from all the inspirational posts I’m seeing on Instagram about 2018 being the year that all kinds of magical shit is going to happen I think it […]

This is the last boarding call for ‘fuck y’all I’m out here…’

Dear diary, Today I realised I may not be as emotionally intelligent as what I had once thought…. For months now, I have been in a slow decline of ‘nope’ and ‘not gonna do it’ I had thought it really just applied to my marriage but actually I’ve come to realise it has also applied […]

Chasing unicorns 🦄

Maaaaaan it has been a long time since I posted here!! (Anyone out there?! *waves frantically* hellooo, how y’all doing?!) Like most women who start the blogs because of infidelity, as it’s delightful side effects wear off I post less because life is just life right? And who wants to hear about that? But actually […]